Why study online?

Accessible, Self-paced, Accredited

LGA’s services meet students’ needs and provide them the opportunity to enroll in an accredited American highschool.

The easily accessible and flexible program will allow students to learn in a fun way, using cutting-edge technology, as well as aquaring the popoer foundation to attend world top universities after program completion.

LGA’s main mission is to help get you enrolled in an accredited online high school, and assist you even after the degree is achieved by helping you get accepted in a top and recognized university.

If your English level does not meet the minimum requirements, that’s OK. We provide free English courses to our students prior the start of the academic program.

LGA uses innovative pedagogical approaches that enables students to play an active role in their learning process. Of course, all of this is with the help of passionate educators and partner schools.

Enroll Online – The world is waiting for you

Benefits of Online learning